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An exercise electrocardiogram (Stress Echo) is a test that checks for changes in your heart while you exercise. An echocardiogram is an ultrasound of your heart. This test combines an ultrasound of your heart and a stress test. The purpose of this test is to compare the images of the heart muscle before and after it is stressed.

Preparing for the Test

  • Please do not eat anything 2 hours prior to the test. You may have juice or water at anytime. Diabetic patients may have a piece of dry toast and some fruit prior to the test.
  • Take your medications at your usual time. Please bring a list of your current medications, as you may be asked for it.
  • Wear comfortable footwear appropriate for brisk exercise on a treadmill. No boots, heels, sandals or flip-flops.
  • Wear comfortable clothing appropriate for brisk exercise on a treadmill. No skirts or dresses.
  • Family members are allowed to accompany you to the test, but are restricted to the office waiting room.
  • Please shower prior to your appointment to reduce the spread of bacteria to our equipment.
  • No lotions or body creams should be used on the day of testing. Deodorant is OK.
  • Your total test time will vary, but usually takes approximately 1 hour. Exercise time on the treadmill will vary from patient to patient.
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